Kayaking on the Leyre | Alokanoe

Canoe trip ? Come on the Leyre ! 

It's necessary to book your trop on l'Eyre before coming. 

45 minutes from Bordeaux and 30 minutes from Arcachon and Biscarrosse, Alokanoe offers rentals of canoes or kayaks on the Leyre to Belin-Beliet (gironde 33) and Moustey or Saugnac (Landes 40) in autonomy or with a monitor. You will sail under its forest gallery, rich of a fauna and a flora lush and diversified.

The Eyre or the Leyre is a coastal river of the Landes de Gascogne, taking its source in the French department of the Landes and throwing itself into the basin of Arcachon, Gironde.

The length of its course is 115.9 km of which nearly 90 km are navigable. It crosses the following communes:

    Landes : Sabers, Commensacq, Trensacq, Pissos, Moustey, Saugnacq-and-Muret,

Gironde : Belin-Béliet, Halls, Mios, Le Teich, Biganos

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