2 to 5 days canoes trip

2 to 5 days canoes trip

Leyre en canoë kayak sur plusieurs jours

4 to 80 people


2 days
1 CANOE 80€ 40€/pers
1 KAYAK 50€
3 days
1 CANOE 110€ 55 € / pers.
1 KAYAK 70€
1 OPTION EQUIPMENT TRANSFERT 20€ transfering tent for entire group


You want to cut with the stress of everyday life for a weekend or more.

You want to discover the Leyre on 2 days or more, why not in its entirety. You dream to go under the forest gallery on the large Leyre wide barely 2 meters and see the landscape and the river widen over the days, at your own pace, to reach the Arcachon basin, in the heart of ornithological park of Teich, roaming is for you.

Start your sailing day at the time of your choice (very early to have a chance to see wild animals, or later to enjoy a graceful morning), bivouac in unusual places, quiet. The courses will go from ten kilometers per day and can reach 30 km per day (to be defined with us).

We offer 2 types of services.

- The first in complete autonomy where we intervene only at the beginning and the arrival,

- The second, the lightweight travel mode, where we take care of getting your camping gear in the morning and drop it off at the next bivouac. We can also transport you to do some shopping if needed.

We will inform you of the possible camping sites as wild camping is prohibited and you will have to book them on your side.

How it works

Appointment to the natural air of Bernet Belin-Beliet where you leave your vehicle for roaming from 2 to 3 days,

- Support: signature of contracts, possible settlements, allocation of equipment, ...

- Shuttle: to the point of departure

- Briefing: 10 to 25 minutes depending on your level and your knowledge of the environment.

Main themes: positions on the boat, use of the paddle, steering techniques, rules of safety and respect for the environment, information on interesting places on the landing and bivouac places.

- Descent: You will embark at the starting point defined together and camp on predefined places. You will have to secure the boats at night with the equipment provided. We will remain reachable throughout your roaming when needed.

- Arrival: To the point that we will have indicated the first day, you will contact us so that we can be present when you arrive on the last day to pick you up.


- the boat (canoe or kayak)

- 1 or more waterproof ideas,

- 1 buoyancy aid (which is mandatory),

- Paddles double or single to choose,

- Briefing of the course and safety rules before departure,

- Explanation of the handling of the boat at the place of departure,

- Transportation to and from your vehicle,

- Following the formula, a logistic support.

Good to know

Attention in case of booking online, you will receive a total of 3 emails. Open the last one to access the final confirmation.

Security :

- to know to swim and to be more than 6 years old (there is no exception, even for the children accompanied by their parents) according to the decree of May 4th, 1995

- keep shoes closed for the duration of the descent,

- keep your lifejacket on you,

- do not dive or jump in a hurry from the boat.

Nature :

- Respect the fauna and flora (the Leyre is a river of the natural park of protected Landes de Gascogne),

- do not throw anything into the water or on the banks (if necessary we will provide you with trash bags),

- do not make fire or wild camping

- respect other users of the river (fishermen, local residents, other descenders ...).

Do not forget, the Leyre is part of the Regional Natural Park of Landes de Gascogne, it is a place to preserve, to protect; thus all forms of nuisance are to be avoided (this includes noise).

Equipment to have (not provided):

- old closed shoes or river or surf slippers or sandals

- an outfit intended to dry fast not retaining too much water,

- alternative business,

- windbreaker,

- a hat or cap and sunscreen for the sunniest days,

- a drawstring for the glasses,

- a mosquito repellent,

- water, refueling and if necessary camping equipment.

Do not hesitate to contact us for particular requests or to inform us of particular situations (for example big templates, health problem, etc.)

Attention, for all that concerns the deposit, the cancellations or the delays, to refer to the cgv.

Meeting place

Aire naturelle de Bernet, 89 route de Bayonne
33830 Belin-Beliet
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