ALOKANOE location de canoës sur la Leyre à Belin-Beliet

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You have 2 choices:

  • either we meet at the arrival point of your trip where you leave your car and we take you to the starting point,

  • or we meet at the starting point where you leave your car and we will drive you back to your car when you finish your trip.


If there is a great number of people, we may ask you to meet at the starting point and ask the drivers to park their car at the arrival point and we will take them to the departure again.

Thank you for your comprehension.




Before you start paddling we will give you some technical advice for you to handle with your canoe, some safety recommendations in case of emergency and we will explain the main advice on where to go.Of course you will have the opportunity of asking any questions.




a canoe and one paddle for each person


We can lend you a dry bag for your personal belongings. It will be tied up at he back of the boat.

We can also lend you a string for your glasses.

We cannot be held reponsible for the loss, damage or theft of your belongings.




We can take a picture of you when you start or finish your trip and we can send it to you for free by e-mail. We can add the picture on our website if you agree.

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Half- day

one day


Price pax if <10 pers

14 €

18 €


Price pax if 10 to 19 pers

13 €

17 €


Price pax if >20pers

12 €

16 €

horaires des descentes

Heures de rendez-vous au point d'arrivé pour effectuer les navettes vous amenant au point de départ...

demie journée matin 9h00
après-midi 14h00

parcours 26 km

autres parcours (~20 km) 10H00
petite journée parcours 14 km ou 15 km 11h00

Pour avoir une idée de l'heure de mise à l'eau, ajoutez 30 à 45 minutes aux horaires indiqués.