ALOKANOE location de canoës sur la Leyre à Belin-Beliet

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Advice and recommendations

Here are some advice to go down a river safely with a canoe;

Safety precautions :

- Be a swimmer over 6 years old - according to the law of the 4th of May 1995,

- Wear some "closed" shoes,

- Wear the lifejacket when you are paddling,

- Do not dive or jump from the canoe.


Nature / environment :

- Respect faun and flora,

- Do not throw anything in the water or on the banks,

- Do not make a fire,

- Respect  other users of the river (riverside residents, fishermen, ...).

Remember:  The Leyre is a part of the Regional Natural Reserve of Landes of Gascony, it's a protected  site so any kinds of nuisances must be avoided.


Equipement :

-  old shoes or canoe or surf shoes,

-  sports clothes that can dry very fast,

- Have a change of clothes,

- raincoat,

-  cap,  suncream,

-  string for glasses,

- mosquito repellent,

- water and picnic.



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Half- day

one day


Price pax if <10 pers

14 €

18 €


Price pax if 10 to 19 pers

13 €

17 €


Price pax if >20pers

12 €

16 €

horaires des descentes

Heures de rendez-vous au point d'arrivé pour effectuer les navettes vous amenant au point de départ...

demie journée matin 9h00
après-midi 14h00

parcours 26 km

autres parcours (~20 km) 10H00
petite journée parcours 14 km ou 15 km 11h00

Pour avoir une idée de l'heure de mise à l'eau, ajoutez 30 à 45 minutes aux horaires indiqués.